Changing The World Inside Out

I CHANGE THE WORLD is a non-Profit Community Service Organization to Eliminate Hunger, Poverty, Racism and Ignorance: Providing Temporary Housing, Food and Training to the less fortunate.


Help Us to End Hunger and Poverty

Ending Hunger & Poverty can solve the world’s Most Complexed Problems

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Donate For Humanity

Every Human being has an inalienable right to Food, Housing and the pursuit of Happiness

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Donate For our noble efforts

We Urge You to Support Our Foundation in Our Noble Efforts.

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Thank you for your donation. We Are Committed to Changing The World Inside Out. Your Generous Support helps to Eliminate Hunger, Poverty, Racism and Ignorance in addition: Provide Temporary Shelter, Food and Training to the less fortunate. Your financial contributions are very much necessary to making a difference and to help craft a new vision for the new Millennium.

You can contribute by credit card, check, wire transfer, or stock donation.

Other Ways to Donate

Wire Transfer or Stock Donation

If you plan to donate stock or make a donation via wire transfer, please contact for further instructions.

Donating by Check

Please make your check out to I Change The World Org. Also be sure to write I Change The World Org. in check’s memo line; do not make your check payable directly to the project. Mail your check to:

P.O. Box 1151
Phone# : (623) 533-3420

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